The Picturesque Wye Tour Brochure

Client > Adventa

250 years ago William Gilpin took a boat tour down the River Wye. The 1770 event heralded the birth of British tourism, making the Wye Tour one of the first ‘package holidays’.

We have worked closely with the Wye Valley AONB to update the Picturesque Wye Tour Guide – originally designed by Dispirito in 2006 – to mark the 250th anniversary in 2020 of Gilpin’s boat tour.

The updated brochure style guide book for visitors to the Wye Valley in Wales, helps them enjoy the ‘picturesque’ sites visited by 18/19th Century tourists.

Working closely with our clients Adventa (in 2006) and Wye Valley AONB (In 2019) and Writer and Researcher Ruth Waycott of Wye Knot Tourism, Dispirito designed the 33 page A5 colour brochure to bring together the exciting stories, quotations, stunning photographs and illustrations; weaving them all together to create the Picturesque grand tour which journeys through Wales south from Ross-on-Wye to Chepstow. We blended old maps with new artwork and photographs, and overlaid ephemera like original ferry tickets to bring alive the stories of the past.

A Welsh version has also been produced.

We supplied > Design; Illustration; Image Creation & Adjustment; Printing

Additional work commissioned > The brochure proved to be such a success that Adventa commissioned us to design a Website; Exhibition; Banners and Advertising promoting the Picturesque Wye Tour.

Background information > In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries it was fashionable to take a boat tour down the Wye Valley, to view its romantic sites and picturesque landscape. ‘Tourists’ dined at specific locations, took walks to particular viewpoints and visited specific romantic ruins, making the ‘Wye Tour’ one of the first ‘package holidays’! Some of the views are remarkably similar today, others show considerable change in the landscape, but one thing all the sites still have in common is their ability to inspire.