Revive Agronomy – Logo Refresh & Revive!

Sometimes a logo needs evolving rather than replacing. The Revive logo was an example of where an evolutionary approach gave the existing corporate branding a new lease of life.

Initially our client had briefed Dispirito to design them a brand new logo, but through our discussions it became clear they were not unhappy with their existing logo and it met their needs rather well. Except however it had become slightly dated and wasn’t helped that the files they had we heavily pixelated and had deteriorated excessively.

The approach we took was to explore carefully a range of interpretations of how the logo might look if it were cleaned up and the shapes, scale, colours, textures, edging and font were all considered. This kept the essence of the original logo for continuity but refreshed its appeal and performance.

The resulting logo will now scale up to any size without loss of quality. We also created and supplied a number of smaller files for use on email footers, website, social media banners, stationery and other printed items.

We supplied > Design; Artwork

Background information > Revive Agronomy applies a common sense approach to farming, using the best of traditional methods with appropriate modern technology, balancing the economic production of crops with positive environmental management. The fundamental approach is that of informed management across the whole farm, focusing on attention to detail in all practices.