People Power Book

Client / Publisher > Herian

During the design stages of creating the People Power book, about the people who ‘powered’ the Industrial Revolution in south Wales, we were able to work closely with the book’s author Ruth Wayott. This 96 page 120cm x 180cm size book. The books is hand size so we decided fill full pages with the stunning images and let these compliment the stories being told by the words. Colours were fresh but subtle allowing them to add interest without overpowering. The result is a striking design that focuses attention on the stories of the strong men, women and children of south Wales industrial past.

We supplied > Design; Artwork; Image Editing, Manipulation & Retouching; Printing

Printing > 4pp cover and 96pp text pages printed in 4 colour process throughout on 300gsm silk paper for the cover and 150gsm silk paper for the text pages. Perfect bound with a matt lamination to cover.

Background information > The People Power book is about the people who ‘powered’ the Industrial Revolution in south Wales: the colliers and quarrymen who cut and hauled raw materials for industry; the hundreds of thousands of nameless and forgotten ordinary men, women and children who laboured in ironworks and factories; the pioneering engineers and inventors, whose ideas and designs made the Industrial Revolution happen.