Visiting Arts Logo & Branding

Visiting Arts wanted to update their logo without initially knowing how radically they might need or want to change it. As a solution we presented a range of options exploring totally new logos as well as a refresh using elements from their existing logo. Through this process the team at Visiting Arts felt that that their existing brand wasn’t broken, and decided to evolve it asking us to enhance and developed it strengthening existing elements in line with their clients and markets.

The final logo merges together the icon element with the text to present a more unified mark. We produce a range of logo variations so there was always a logo in the set suitable for every application.

The branding was developed to create a set of core corporate colours as well as a supplementary second set of colours that are used across literature to keep everything fresh and vibrant and reflective of the diverse nature of the artists they work with. The resulting branding elements remain very recognisable – yet infinitely flexible.

We supplied > Design • Printing

Additional work commissioned > Stationery • Banners • Marketing Pack • Brochure