Giles Raynor Promotional Leaflet

Client > Giles Raynor

We designed this promotion leaflet for Giles to help him promote his work at events. It featured a tear off strip so he could gather the details of those interested in his designs. After the strip is torn off it leaves a postcard size flyer creating a versatile item that fulfils two roles.

We supplied > Design • Artwork • Printing

Background > Giles Rayner has been creating water sculptures since 1998 for both private and public settings, at first around the UK, but now increasingly internationally, with designs located in Europe, the Middle East, the US, and Asia. His focus on the use of water has added an extra dimension to his wide and varied portfolio.

Though other materials feature, he specialises in using copper, stainless steel, and bronze, often at a significant scale, to create imaginative and highly individual designs, which combine energy and intrigue with simple aesthetic beauty. The use of moving water in so many of his concepts empowers each design with real life to capture the senses, either in dramatic or conversely more peaceful fashion. All work is underscored by a desire to fit timelessly with the surrounding landscape and architecture.