Overlooking the Wye Information Panels

Client > Wye Valley AONB


We worked closely with the Overlooking the Wye and Wye Valley AONB teams over two years on this project which involved 40 sites. The aim of the scheme was to improve and promote enjoyment and understanding of the historic environment in the landscape of the lower Wye Valley.

This part of the project was to design 31 information panels to be sited along the river Wye promoting the fascinating and varied history and heritage in the Wye Valley AONB and publicise the work that was undertaken as part of the Scheme to conserve and enhance over forty heritage sites in the area.

As one of the earliest areas in Britain to industrialise, the Wye Valley was at the cutting edge of Britain’s industrial development some two hundred years before the Industrial Revolution. Each panel explores different elements of the area’s history and help people understand and enjoy this historic landscape.

We Supplied > Design; Artwork & Installation of 31 panels at sites along the river Wye

Additional work commissioned > Commemorative Book; Trail Leaflets; Ceramic Plaques; Etched Metal Information Panel

Trail leaflets
The banding was then extended to a set of five trail leaflets, each detailing a different walk.

Puddingstone and Pubs • 3 HOUR, 3 MILE CIRCULAR WALK
A walk uncovering Penallt’s hidden millstone industry. With some steep steps, uphill sections and uneven paths. Best enjoyed in spring and early summer when the bluebells and wildflower meadows are at their peak.


Picturesque Piercefield • 5 HOUR, 6 MILE WALK NEAR CHEPSTOW
Walks through Piercefield Park. Follow in the footsteps of the Wye Tourists and discover the picturesque viewpoints of Piercefield Park

Head for the Hillforts • 5-6 HOURS, 7 MILE WALK (or shorter sections)
Follow in the footsteps of the Wye Tourists down to the Wye. Cross the river at the Biblins visiting Little Doward Hillfort, King Arthur’s Cave and New Weir Forge. Return on the hand ferry at Symonds Yat West.

Wordsworth Walk • 2 HOUR, 3 MILE WALK (with steep sections to viewpoint)
A walk through riverside meadows and along village tracks, climbing in the footsteps of William Wordsworth to the Bread and Cheese viewpoint and Cleddon Shoots waterfall.

The Angidy Trail • 3 HOUR, 5 MILE CIRCULAR WALK
Follow the Angidy Trail and discover Tintern’s hidden industry – the furnace, forge and wireworks, the workers’ cottages, limekilns, tidal dock and church where generations of metal workers were baptised, married and buried.

Overlooking the Wye book
As a legacy of Overlooking the Wye project we worked closely with writer Ruth Waycot to create a vibrant book that brings alive the stories of the past.

Ceramic panels
Ceramic panels at Lower Wireworks, Tintern to support the art installation created by Ned Heywood to explain the history of this site within the context of the ironworking industry of the Angidy Valley.

Wireworks were established on this site during the 16thC; the site was still metal working until 1895 and is a significant site on a national basis. It was part of the sequence of sites that stretched from the head of the Angidy Valley to the tidal dock near Abbey Mill. It was the largest industrial complex in Wales in the 1600s, there was a large building with four waterwheels used to power machinery here.