Graphic design is at the core of everything we create.

We believe anything printed traditionally, or published digitally, benefits from strong graphic design.

Adding value

From the design of new logos, stationery, websites, books, catalogues and brochures, to Facebook banners, posters and flyers, we are relentlessly focused on what we can do that adds value. 

Individually important

We receive a lot of referrals from our existing clients – which works well for us – so we are keen to maintain this tradition. With that in mind we treat every client as an individual, and every project as important.



You will receive honest and transparent advice from Dispirito to guide you into making the decisions that are right for you.

Transparent pricing

We operate a fair and transparent approach to fees. Clients are only charged for the time used – even if this is less than quoted. Your invoice will include a detailed timesheet. Expansion of a project, and/or additional requests will be advised and estimated to keep you on budget.

Our full terms and conditions available here.

Preferred choice

If effective graphic design is about getting your target market to see you as their preferred choice, building a successful brand is not just about what you do; it’s about what you do differently from everyone else.

Whether we are designing for a corporate company or an arts organisation, at Dispirito we produce unique, distinctive, commercially driven, and most importantly, effective graphic design.

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